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tv   Headline News  RT  June 18, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the un condemns the killing of two russian journalists in eastern ukraine calling for a full investigation had died during army shelling of filmy refugees fleeing from the area. while iraqi forces are struggling to push back sunni rebels who are closing in on the capital baghdad. plus the king's farewell speech the spanish monarch one cos officially leaves the throne after the senate approves his dick ation we recall some of the royal pearls from him and his noble calling.
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welcome our names the harvey you're watching r.t. international u.n. security council is urging an investigation into violence against journalists in eastern ukraine now that's after a crew from a russian t.v. channel were killed by army shelling near the city of lugansk the cameraman who is the only survivor from his team says the attack targeted a group of refugees and he believes it wasn't accidental fire. well the crew was filming the evacuation of refugees when a shell hit their group and these are images of civilians leaving the scene just seconds before the explosion sound engineer anton voloshin died immediately reporting eager according to luke was taken to hospital with a severe injury but he died on the operating table just thirty minutes later here's
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how the cameraman described what happened. in those. months we went to the place where according to information we got there were refugees selve the first groups were helping the refugees to flee the areas under attack and when i reached the forefront the self-defense activists told me to hide behind a big car and i film from that spot this self-defense activists raised his hand to show the refugees the safe path of this moment the first more time exploded and damaged the stand our journalists stayed further away had the checkpoint and i turned my head and i saw that the second and third more times went off exactly where they were i didn't see my colleagues as my view of them was blocked by trees i only managed to film people drag it away as some defense activist he had no legs there was a roll between us between our journalists and me and i could hear mortars exploding all the time they both had press written on their call but they didn't see them
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with you and witnesses of the tax say the shell exploded right at the feet of the sound engineer and tom he was twenty seven years old reporter a good corner look he was behind his wife and a seven year old daughter. in the wake of the tragedy the russian president vladimir putin urged his ukrainian counterpart petro poroshenko to bring about a cease fire with paris shanker saying he didn't vest the gate the deaths of the journalists and guarantee safety for the media in the future russia's envoy to the u.n. to tell the churkin said right now the conditions for reporters in ukraine are worse than they were even cheering the iraqi invasion. but the journalists with a lot of experience in other conflict areas say that it's for the first time that the few there they're being got to get that by government forces never before in various i mean if they were pointing out that even during saddam hussein times when baghdad was a being. invaded by the u.s.
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troops or the journalists could operate under no physical problems arose for them from the government this is not the case apparently now. i mean while here is military offensive in eastern ukraine is showing no sign of letting up three civilians an elderly woman and a married couple were killed on the outskirts of slovyansk on tuesday weeks of continued shelling of devastated that city with four churches also coming under fire since kiev launched its operation in a because of and here now footage from the neighboring city of kramatorsk local militia there say that nine people were seriously injured when shells hit self defense checkpoint and residential area. is the other thing is. there were threatening those that were seen at self-defense checkpoints or attended an independence referendum they said they would come to their homes and shoot them very great and russia for accepting outs but at the worst of when you were here if
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you jews were given a place to stay and live with nutrition for them and are now working on getting them jobs. ukrainian legislators are calling for martial law to be imposed in southeast ukraine had to r.t. dot com to get the full details as well as our minute by minute updates on the volatile situation. in other news baghdad is on high alert with isis militants approaching the iraqi capital many employees have been evacuated from the u.s. embassy which is believed to be a likely target of the radicals it comes after a week which saw the militants taking one major city after another the sunni jihadists have reportedly been conducting mass executions releasing thousands of prisoners and taking over military hardware artie's lisa catherine offers more. armed to the teeth determined to conquer on the march across iraq the islamic state
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in iraq and syria also known as isis is quickly emerging as one of the world's most powerful geo hottest groups the group's goal just what the name implies an islamic sunni caliphate stretching across the middle east isis already controlled large swaths of land in syria and iraq's anbar province last week they moved on iraq's north. seemingly overnight isis captured the second largest city of mosul more than half a million residents were forced to flee. we were afraid of isis and its camp because they have no mercy there are people they killed they have no conscience that was just the start after mosul a lightning speed advance towards baghdad with cities and towns falling to isis
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along the way as iraqi soldiers fled their posts they left behind tanks humvees trucks and weapons paid for by the americans and now in the hands of isis the militants have their supporters to the shiite dominated government of prime minister nouri al maliki has alienated iraq's sunni population isis is also believed to receive financial support from sympathetic gulf monarchies and with iran backing the iraqi government there is fear the internal conflict could become a regional one all sides are bracing for the worst in the capital shiite militia men are responding to a call to arms from their religious leaders ready to defend their capital and their faith the iraqi army is also fighting back but this means airstrikes against sunni cities and that could make the already sick terry and conflict go from bad to worse sitting out the fight at least for now are the americans with the hottest
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determined to press on the question is for how long. lucie county r.t. . while the u.s. has already sent one hundred soldiers with almost twice as many set to arrive later but those are not combat troops washington's also received a warning from cattle that any military intervention to prop up the iraqi government would effectively mean war on the entire sunni arab world and as we will see in just a moment the middle east is a mixture of various religious groups take a look at our map here marked in red all the countries where sunni muslims make up the majority of those include carrot top and of course america's closest ally in the region saudi arabia iraq which you can see just over here that's currently under rule and isis obviously want that to change washington is now considering even teaming up with a round in order to prevent that from happening military affairs expert eric
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margolis says that the current turmoil in iraq is breaking up traditional alliances and creating some rather strange partnerships you have. the. sheer whom. who are sued and so. who are very. much goes through a group. that's very ironic because not just only a few weeks ago. congressman you'll never guess what we were army runs a terrorist nation nearly. no one wants a. response no call to action to cause remorse to your. memory or our of iran this week it's going to be very. everybody isn't terrorists.
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they're going to go out which terrorists the word. so to come for you this hour the dark secrets of guantanamo rides to the. american students and their professor dig into the mysterious deaths of three detainees at the infamous facility back in two thousand and six details for you just. before the spanish parliament has given its approval to the abdication of king juan carlos who is stepping down after almost four decades on the throne his son crown prince felipe pay is to take over but many cast doubt on whether he will restore the tarnished image of the royal family despite all the controversies of one color says rain according to one editor specializing in the spanish monarchy he will still be remembered for the good he brought to the country. came after a long dictatorship by frank or. it's true that he how.
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true to. the war know better how. tree he played a political role. with the arrival of democracy i don't think philippe will have this strong political brawl. well the outgoing king is one of europe's most colorful royals among many famous slip ups in two thousand and seventy venezuela's president hugo chavez to literally shut up but he is in good company u.k. stupe of edinburgh famously told british students in china they risk looking like the locals if they stayed too long in the country and the current king of sweden criticised by some media outlets for being a party goer well he defended himself to the press saying there is a broad definition to sex and i'm strip clubs. and with the old rules being consigned now to the history books questions are being asked as
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to whether the next generation will help europe to read a tree monica he survive in the twenty first century for analysis all not just a click away for you on our website. america is trying hard to convince the world that this g.m. products are not as bad as everybody thinks you genetically enhanced and vitor been rich bananas have been designed to improve the nutrition of people in east africa later in the program find out if the motives behind them are as good as the golden but not. the true nature of the iraqi regime and the insurgency sweeping across the country and is a rather facing the grim reality of becoming a failed state or facing partition.
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we speak your language or not at the end of. this program some documentary some spanish matters to you. stories. here. in the spanish. visit. join me. in our. very concerned. only and.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. international almost quarter past eleven here in the russian capital. continuous vows in the past to close the guantanamo bay prison it seems that the u.s. administration has been covering up atrocities at the camp in june two thousand and six three detainees were found hanged in their cells in an apparent suicide but the latest independent report provides evidence that the deaths were in fact the result of torture and apparent mass of languages also making it difficult to find the truth. in two thousand and two the u.s. department of defense stopped reporting suicide attempts categorizing them instead as acts of self harm the wood has been replaced with and how nst interrogation techniques when it comes to the notorious practice of waterboarding not to mention hunger strikes the guantanamo officials now nine long term villages fasts meanwhile the painful force feeding procedure on the hunger strike is is being labeled as
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internal feeding or the medical management of prison is with white loss we spoke to professor denbeaux whose probe into the two thousand and six deaths cast doubt on the official story of events what we have compelling evidence however of the men they didn't appear to have done in the manner that the government claims that the government claims they own themselves in their cells by committing suicide and the problem with that is that there were five guards watching twenty four cells not all of which were occupied and there were five guards and alternatives including several walking the short little corridor because the plea and videos and if you read through the the n.c.i. as investigators. you would read that the men were have been did more than two hours when they were brought to the clinic and then rigor mortis you know if you
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have five girls guarding or eighteen to twenty people and three of them die and are flipped hanging in their cells for hours people should go to jail because the military failed to comply with their obligation. in the u.s. state of georgia an inmate on death row has been executed despite the continued controversy over the effectiveness of the drugs used in lethal injections and appeals court rejected marcus whelan's request for a stay of execution months after the state refused to disclose details about the lethal injections being used to follow as a execution in april when it took an oklahoma inmate more than forty minutes to die in agony after he was administered a new cocktail of drugs. ok let's head to our web site now when it comes to the internet the f.b.i. is trying not to be lost in agencies put together
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a line slang. to check out extracts from the f.b.i. so-called twits ashore town and some entries you may find quite surprising also online unesco world heritage sites can be dangerous for misbehaving mountain or erupts sending streams of lava reminding people it is not going to fall asleep checkouts this breathing footage all. right the same. search tree. and i think picture. on a reporter's. instagram. below .
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the interview. one of the new will come in to watch it. all the face time you.
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good to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll research a. local bank you're watching international now test groups in the u.s. are about to take a bite from a so-called super banana by going on a six week human trial genetically enhanced and vivid rich it is claimed that these but on as will improve the nutrition of people in east africa the michael hansen senior staff scientist at consumer union thinks the initiative is nothing more than a publicity stunt simply designed to improve the reputation of g.m. giants things like golden rice or golden bananas are attempts to say oh we can use this technology for a useful purpose that will help the poor so i see it more as propaganda purposes
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and i think the reason that they were trying so desperately with the genetic engineering is it does have a bad name eighty five percent of the global acreage in engineered crops are all herbicide tolerant they're designed to be sprayed with herbicides they're doing they're designed to have you spray more pesticides on them part of the problem is in the in the united states for example we don't require safety assessments or feeding studies before these products are allowed on the market before these are even fed to people they should go through a safety assessment. and be fed you know not only to animals before they're given to humans because in other countries this would not be allowed. ok time to bring you some of the world headlines now and we'll start with the boat this is capsized off malaysia western coast forty two people are feared to have drowned in that incident one rescue boat was quick to the scene two more said to be
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on their way the sunken wooden vessel though was not designed for open seas and it was carrying ninety seven indonesians including women and children officials say the passengers were illegal migrant workers trying to return home ahead of the muslim holy month of ramadan. in other news clashes between police and followers of an anti taliban preacher in eastern pakistan have left at least eight people dead and as eighty five have been injured police fired shots and tear gas when supporters of the cleric refused to remove barricades from around the scholar's complex a candidate based preacher has announced plans to return to pakistan next week to lead rallies against the government. her and seems here from a world cup protest in rio de janeiro which ended in scuffles with police
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demonstrators were heading to the planned protest site in copacabana when police raided their bus as they were being a score to the way violence flared and more than fifteen arrests were made people there are angry at the high cost of staging the competition. well despite the street anger such as what we just saw over the world cup showing no signs of calming down any time soon brazil is still very much in the party spirit hundreds of thousands of fans of flooded to the country all obsessed with just one thing namely the beautiful game parties graham phillips is there for us and brings us up to date with the russian team's progress. actually drawing good sounds real russian explain themselves here below this world famous is starting to develop. now that the seven in total to play this stadium the troops against it makes the puppets belgium the world the two teams in the world cup final in two thousand.
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like the world cup was instead missing out in two thousand and six two thousand and ten as much as one point to which we would then be tipped as one of the police to do this to me which shows me. that since russia finished up but that was my group the chief political management team we feel they have a mind a mission determined to restore his words that you know if you take you by disappointing let's come to think that the russian twenty three times it is interesting to stick to one of the twenty three players playing in the domestic league because mostly for experience in the city the players story conflicts and because i thought it was the company twelve years ago after the i think much of this is a virtue in the future when they see things i. hear them out of we are this is great to see. you not the best result for russia not a disaster though so russian fans fingers crossed do stay with us of course more news headlines at the top of the hour and if you want to stay
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a little bit longer we will have an uncompromising debate next on what is the true nature of the iraqi regime and the insurgency that is sweeping across the country crosstalk coming your way next. form. comes. to genetics but you jennifer vulgarize ation of darwin science from punishment for an uncommitted crying i was never alone stolen from being in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why not a luxury but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization
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the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing yet another concern now go to the point of death she did for years rarely discussed on till now i'd really rather not talk about that right. her. comes from.
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your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can. four. different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still in poetry keep. ignoring it. really matters. to your facebook news feed. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter all over gulf war three should washington again use military force to determine who rules in
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baghdad what is the true nature of the iraqi regime and the insurgency sweeping across the country and is iraq facing the grim reality of becoming a failed state and or partition. to cross-talk iraq i'm joined by my guest john timoney in boston he is the executive director of mit center for international studies as well as an author and foreign policy expert and in new york we cross the stevens lessons or he is a fellow at the century foundation and author of the book act of creation or a gentleman crosstalk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want i very much encourage it john in boston if i go to you first iraq isn't a failed state at least yet but it seems the regime in baghdad is why should the united states again use military force to prop up this government that is obviously quite unpopular and in very much motivated by keeping its times to
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washington and not to the people itself well i think that the regime the maliki government in iraq is not unpopular with the shia. the problem with this situation is that we're having a sectarian war again in iraq that is that the the sunni's in the north the shia in the south. our are basically confronting each other through this this insurgent group isis that is sweeping through mosul and to crete and other cities in the arab sunni parts of iraq maliki is fairly strong with the majority shia there are sixty iraqis sixty percent shia only twenty percent arab sunni so
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you know in the long run the regime should be stable and i expect them to be able to resist the isis offensive from here on out but you're right to ask the question about u.s. involvement and my advice would be to stay out of it militarily the the maliki government once it organizes itself should be able to resist this i mean one of the reasons it wasn't resisting it in the north was because of the sectarian factor the sunni people up there simply turned on the shia led army of iraq is steven in new york but my look he's had quite a few years to get himself organized and let's not forget about that twenty five billion dollars in military assistance and training i mean if he couldn't get himself organized the last eight years what why would we expect that in the next few months and well i think that's a good question and i think the fact is that.


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